Desire and autonomy

How do automatic gestures fill our lives? How many of these gestures are part of our desires and how many are part of a life script imposed on pleasing, liking and caring? This performance puts these gestures into action to break them through encounters and words, appropriating the space and revealing to others their own embers to name themselves and give themselves existence from desire and autonomy.

I walk carrying six stacked white plates. I choose a place and begin to place them around me. From the folds of my clothes I take out a flask containing water and pour it onto each of the plates. Then I take another vial containing my blood and pour it into the dishes as well. Next, I place the edges of my dress inside the plates as I start to comb my hair and repeat: Blowing my own breaststroke, skin inside, naming and giving myself existence

I take a plate, I blow in the liquid with my breath, and approach someone to blow together, mark her skin, or hand over the plate to circulate the action.

Blowing my own breaststroke
skin inside
naming and giving myself existence


AUSTRAL | Performance Art Festival Buenos Aires. Organizado por Daniel Acosta SOS Tierra Arte Acción y Hector Canonge ARTerial Performance LAB, APLAB | Teatro Pan y arte. Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires.


April 2019


Morena Mauriño y Leandro Albani