Flesh of my flesh

Digital video thought of in two layers of performative action that come together in post-production, with sonic poetics that mixes the sounds coming from the action and exploration with ukulele, which was edited and cut, the direction, the speed was changed, it was filtered and overlaid.

As if in a reverie, I look for my origin, the extension of my own flesh. A body within my body lives me and reminds me that I am not one. I try to break this design to start a new shell, to give myself a birth of my own.

A body on a body on the body of the earth.
Extended in desire.
Rebuild myself step by step.
Invent a way, name me and choose a story.
Become what we always dream of




  • Perpendicular Intercambiando experiencias| Bilbao, País Vasco. November 2019
  • Perpendicular Intercambiando experiencias| Mundo Performance, Buenos Aires, Argentina. November 2019
  • Dislocada/Dislocated | Oaxaca,México. November, 2019
  • Dislocada/Dislocated | Filadelfia, EEUU. October, 2019
  • Dislocada/Dislocated | Puebla, México. October, 2019
  • Perpendicular Intercambiando experiencias| Peras de Olmo Ars Continua, Buenos Aires, Argentina. August 2019