How many bodies go into one body

How many bodies go into one body. Notebook of territories is a photobook published by editorial Flanbé. This is a photographic project carried out between 2016 – 2020, a period in which I met and portrayed people who were going through an illness or plutonian moment in their existence; and different Argentinean territories furrowed by exploitation and pollution. While working with these people and territories I realized that they were accompanied by an other (human, animal, vegetable, mineral) and that in this cohabitation of support and reciprocity they increased their possibilities of life. The point of contact of two organisms, of two bodies, forms a territory that is linked to a larger community fabric of sympoiesis; when one of them becomes ill or goes through a difficult vital situation, the other sustains and modifies itself. How many bodies go into one body? Infinite, because our lives are interwoven in the same skin that is constituted collectively.

How many bodies go into one body is a body-book, an amulet book, an oracle book
An expanse of skins and territories that resonate with the deep contact offered by the links that lengthen the threshold of life.

Limited Edition of 300. Numbered and signed
Inside. Chambril White paper de 120g
Cover. Natural Evolution Ivory paper 280g
Format. 148 x 210 mm
Pages. 72
ISBN. 978-987-47614-1-5
Year. 2020

How many bodies go into one body | BOX | Special edition

Limited Edition of 7. Numbered and signed
Includes Cuántos cuerpos entran en un cuerpo + Photo
Photo Size. 12 x 18 cm
Fine Art Print Hahnemühle Photo Rag UltraSmooth, 308gms.
Format. 16.5 x 23.5 cm
Year. 2020