Afraid to speak, performance art

This Friday, May 5 at 6:30 pm, as part of the exhibition ARDER en lo que ya ardiendo ardía, I will be performing Afraid to speak, based on a poem by Hilda Rais, at the Museo del libro y de la lengua, Buenos Aires. Curated by Andi Nachon and Juan Fernando García.

What we see, what looks at us

On April 19 at 8 pm (Spain time zone) opens Lo que vemos lo que nos mira, an exhibition of Argentine artists, in Sala Cava de Can Basté, Barcelona. I participate with some photographs from the series Cuántos cuerpos entran en un cuerpo (How many bodies go into one body).

Ibero-American Contemporary Art Week

The Equinox platform in collaboration with Coleccionismo Contemporáneo is launching the fourth Ibero-American Contemporary Art Week to be held from April 13 to 16, 2023 and I will be participating with my artistic projects.

How did it go at dawn

On Saturday October 1st at 6pm we will share, together with Florencia Sosa Rey, the artistic process developed in Raíces Residence, Catamarca.

Exhibition in Madrid

After a month of research in Madrid, I will be sharing and performing in the exhibition RARO’s TESOROS FELICES with my inquiry in process about performance scores. At 7pm at La quinta del Sordo (c/ Rosario 15, Madrid, Spain)