Eternal consolation

Made with Julieta Anaut and Niny Johana Gamboa, Eternal consolation takes up the myth of La Telesita. Our journey begins by dancing a chacarera, letting us flow with the rhythm of it, raising our arms in castañetas and beginning to draw whole turns and vueltas enteras in space. For the audiovisual we incorporate symbolic elements of the celebration, such as dance, wine, ground, seeds and sound; and some representative aspects of the myth, such as the costumes that refer to the rags of La Telesita. The locations for the video recording were also selected in relation to the myth. For example, the scene that takes place in La Chacarita Cemetery, a space that includes the cult of the dead. On the other hand, we incorporate other signs that do not strictly belong to ritual, but in a certain way are associated with the region and history, such as the painting that is traced with clay on my back, which belongs to the spellings of the original peoples of northern Argentina . As for the sound, we work from the rhythm of the chacarera, with corporal and instrumental percussion, and through the voice, with poetic recitations and songs.

The myth of Telésfora Castillo whispers in our blood, in the movement of days and in territorial changes. Her bare feet invite to a new ritual that taps on the skin of three women, on three female bodies that are the Telesita itself, wandering or being reborn on the asphalt or on the ground, seeking contact with the ground, giving the weight in each step to give flight to his dance; three bodies that make the spirit of this being vibrate that insists on persisting in the imaginary of a society that comes after its favors and miracles; three bodies that want to find the primordial energy that houses that story that makes itself felt in dreams, fantasies and nostalgia.




  • International Video Match. Umbral Espacio de Arte. Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires. August 2018
  • 6th Edition of PLAY Video Art Week. UNNE. Corrientes. October 2017
  • II Rosario Dance Congress. Lavarden Platform, Rosario. September 2017
  • THE EYE OF THE SOUTH. National Museum of Fine Arts, Neuquén July 2017