The purpose of this performance was to generate a situation of ritual encounter where the importance of doing poetic and community, daily and spontaneous, was put into focus. For that, I invite those present to enter a space. There I choose four points in the environment and with my hand I make a gesture of protection in each one of them.

From a bag I take an aguayo and place it in the center of those four points. There I place water, a bowl with rice, yellow feathers and five candles that I light.
I begin to sahumar the space with mugwort as I summon it.
I arrange a bunch of bananas on the altar. While I distribute and eat them, I begin to ask those present about community doing, about poetic doing and about the power of the encounter in a ritual activation. The conversation turns into a round holding hands and singing a spontaneous sonorous poetry.

A ritual where the forces of the four cardinal points are summoned so that doing is poetic, daily and collective.


Umbral espacio de arte, Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires, Argentina.


December 2017


Leandro Albani