The weight of the corridor

Visual / textual / sound installation where the entire room is wallpapered, covering walls, floor, two chairs, two benches and a table. The table occupies the center and the chairs and benches are to the sides. On each of the papers, in black ink, the number 84.1 is repeated almost obsessively. A blue light bathes the entire space. Hidden in the room are two loudspeakers that loop a sound composition made from the mixing and editing of ICU sounds and the recording of a heart in cardiac arrest.

A space is not only a construction, but it conforms the weight and the distance with which the experiences are measured. What density are the spaces? In what way does the sound, the gesture, the trauma leave a mark? How much weight does what is traveled, what is accompanied, what is sustained? How much does it weigh if that space is the intensive care room where my mother is?
How much does it weigh? – I wonder-
The only number I can find is 84.1 flashing on the infusion pump injected into her arm.


Exhibition of Installations. Umbral espacio de arte. Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires.


June 2019