A small part contains the whole world

A small part contains the whole world is a site-specific performance made in La luz buena, at the International Performance Encounter organized by Silvio De Gracia. This piece was born from my encounter with this space, with this abandoned house where the ruin converges with the furious outbreak of nature and with the interventions of small human occupations. I decided to work in one of these rooms using a cowhide apron in contact with my own naked torso, carrying a dry branch and carrying a textile intervened with natural dyes containing corn flour inside. I initiated the action by running along the walls and making them rattle with the friction of the branch I was carrying. With the trunk I traced a circle on the floor covered with earth. Then, from inside the textile I took handfuls of cornmeal and I threw them in the marked furrow, in an impossible attempt of sowing. Next I tried to sow the textile and my body so that the branch would sprout from the center of my torso. Finally, I cut the branch with my hands and handed the fragments to those present, whispering a question in their ears. The remains of the performance were left intervening the house like the ashes of an unreachable action. 




International Performance Encounter, La luz buena. Agustín Roca. Octubre, 2021. 


Silvio De Gracia


Ana Montenegro


Emmanuel Borao