Afraid to speak

Performance based on the poem “Talk about fear” by Hilda Rais *.

In the entrance columns to the Madero Library, in the town of San Fernando, in the Province of Buenos Aires, I hang a roll of paper that is unrolled up the stairs. I take a fibrón and write on the paper:
What am I afraid to say?

Then, I approach someone and I repeat the question in his ear at the same time that I offer him the fibrón so that he can write on the hanging paper.
I take another fibrón and I repeat the question to another person in the ear. In this way, the proposal will be repeated in each of those present and it will be collectivized with each of the people who write.

A writing rite to give voice or make a word that which tries to escape from the body. An act of repetition of the unsaid that tries to be language to give extension to who we are.


Lugar de cuerpos poéticos | Biblioteca Madero. San Fernando, Buenos Aires, Argentina.


Alfredo Rosenbaum


November 2019


Fernando Pineda, Leandro Albani y Lu Piccolo

* Talk about fear is such a tricky thing
I can’t count on my language
she talks to me and wants me to listen to her
And what am I afraid of if they are only words?
In what her words do with my days.
“Talk about fear” Hilda Rais in Belvedere. (1996) Libros de Tierra Firme, Buenos Aires