Feminist healing

This performance is a feminist healing ritual that calls to inhabit the bodies and community knowledge in response to years of systematic and macho violence.
It is a call to meet, to circle and to recover ties as a form of defense against oppression. I begin the action by delimiting the space with protective herbs, such as mugwort, yarrow and plantain. In the center I build an altar, acting in relation to the points of protection of the earth, and I sahumo, opening the ritual with sonorous poetics. I prepare a drink with rue and cane that will be shared while we weave wishes for liberation over our bodies and our territory. The action ends with a collective song and the closing of the altar.

For the women who breathe, for the women who don’t,
For the women who are drowning

For the women that we are, for the women that we are not,
for women who are in danger.


  • NOW | Latin American Activist Art Festival. “Notes on performance, feminisms and political bodies”. Pocitos, Montevideo, Uruguay. August, 2019
  • Within the framework of the Festival Now I presented some performative words: Notes on performance, feminisms and political bodies. Espacio Idea. Multidisciplinary project of the National Directorate of Culture of the MEC. Montevideo, Uruguay. August 2019
  • Performance Festival. Casa Doblas. Buenos Aires, Argentina. December 2017


Fernando Pineda y Rai Tortorela