I do believe you

Participatory and ritual performance, where I carry a string of garlic and a wrapper filled with mugwort, which are healing elements typical of the knowledge of this territory. With them I build a safe and circular space, I clean my body and I speak out to reaffirm myself in the world, and invite those present to a hug of trust and vindication.

In recent years, complaints of harassment, rape and sexist violence have multiplied. Not because there are more cases, but because together with the feminist movement we have begun to break the pact of silence with which our culture has raised us. I do believe you is the motto that accompanies this raising our voice that allows us to know that we are not alone and that, like #METOO, it can motivate more survivors to report and come out of fear. Thus, this performance resonates in this social action with an intimate sublimation ritual that becomes collective, with a rite of passage that uses popular healing knowledge and that allows us to go from silence to plural echo.


  • Miami International Performance Festival, Miami. September 9-11, 2020
  • Exhibition Para todes, tode. Curator: Kekena Corvalan. Haroldo Conti Cultural Center of Memory. Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires. March 2019.
  • Escena Okupada. Encounter of theatricalities and feminism. Pan y Arte Theater. Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires. August 2018
  • Gallery TACHA. Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires. June 2018


Fernando Pineda and Estefanía Santoro