I expand me as I desire

I did this performance as a closing of residence in La Flecha del Arte, La Sortija field, Province of Buenos Aires, under the coordination of Margarita García Faure. To compose it, I activated gestures, resonances and elements that circulated during the stay there and that are part of the place.
Under an ancient eucalyptus, I collected the barks that had fallen and with them I drew a circle on the grass. In the center of the circle I placed two wooden containers. One contained local mud and the other, fruits of the plum trees that were abundant in the field. The mud to heal the wounds of the skin and the plums so that the food circulates and creates community.
I dip my hands in the bowl and begin to muddy my feet, my legs, my pelvis. I take off my dress and so I continue to put mud on the rest of the body
I take a plum and offer it to one of those present. She bites it and draws my lips with the plum pit. She takes a new plum and offers it to someone who will feed me with it and with the plum pit I will draw her arms. Thus with each one of those present we will bond through the mud and plums until ending in hugs.
Finally, I take all the elements and return them to the earth and to the feet of the eucalyptus.

How to support a grieving body?
How to do so that the meat does not fall?

Pores open to pink bud
the hands zigzag trying to remove the itch small clouds from inside push
and the legs are filled with mountains

How to create a limit, an edge, a touch that supports, that embraces?

Listen to the tree of childhood. The bark is a refuge in the palm of the hand
Draw a circle with them
Create a space where my presence is the fire close to alchemy
I expand me as I desire

Return to my materiality of dust and water
Include me in a community extension where our mouths eat, drink and we feed through our eyes.

I expand me as ground

Because that is me and that will be me when I am no longer.


La Flecha del Arte residence, La Sortija field, Provincia de Buenos Aires.


Margarita Garcia Faure


January 2019


Pompi Caputo