La Cosahecha

We carried out this project in co-authorship with Gigi Scotellaro. It was made up of xylography, wood sculptures, performance and video art. We were interested in developing the pieces as a whole and doing a duo as if it were the making of a creative unit. The exhibition of this project was thought of as an individual exhibition created by two people and was mounted as a performative installation. The performance took place on the first day during the inauguration and the traces of the action became an installation, adding to the rest of the materialities.

La Cosahecha refers to the drive to create in the face of death, to understand the finitude of life and the urgency of doing before it perishes. Thinking, at the same time, creation as a counter-action to what is extinguished, as an origin, seed and sprout to link to the cyclicality of life.

Making art as the only way to face the certain speed of death






Museo de la ciudad, Pergamino


November & december 2012


Cintia Riera y Celeste Vaquero Diaz