Near and far do not exist

The purpose of this performance is to think about distances. How are those spaces of separation lived? How each one travels from one side to the other.

I set up a 200 cm x 100 cm sand space. On this, with my hand I draw a path. I walk through it and when I finish I fill it with water, creating two banks. I take off my sneakers and tie them to my ankles with the laces. I move along the path where the water flows. I untie the laces and offer the sneakers for some of those present to take the tour. One by one they are exchanged until the sneakers remain on the territory and become an installation.

I build a watercourse that allows me to join the ends of my desire. I take off my shoes and offer them to others so that they can go through it.


Photography and mental health. RegistrARTE, photographic space. Pergamino


March 2015


Paulo Scarlato y Natalia Tealdi