I did this performance within the framework of Natalia Tealdi’s exhibition Woman-society-media. The purpose of the action was to put the word woman in circulation, to think and feel what defines it, what contains it, what is its ontology, at the same time that it prepared, served and ate noodles with tuco, just as we would on a Sunday at noon as a family; putting into action those circumstances of coexistence that we live when we carry out a feminist struggle and at the same time reinforce family and cultural gestures and mandates.

For that I entered the room with a hot pot with noodles with tuco and stew, a colander, a ladle and some plates and cutlery. While mixing the ingredients, the word began to circulate and ask ourselves what it is to be a woman, what it is not to be, what and how many obligations to fulfill. Simultaneously I strained, served and delivered the dishes. While those present ate, together with Tealdi we began to work with an enlarger, my body, flour, egg and oil, to ask ourselves or try to give an answer about the origin.

The free woman is born when she conquers herself
The free woman is born when all women are liberated
The woman who is self-sufficient sets her man free


Mujer-sociedad-medios. Casa de la Cultura Pergamino.
Organizó UNNOBA y Natalia Tealdi.


December 2014


Carla Testatonda