The Revolution was so that the lives of those children could be better

I did this project for the Colectivo Nadie Olvida Nada on the occasion of March 24, National Day of Memory for Truth and Justice. I was interested in thinking of ourselves as children of a generation of disappeared, knowing what memories and resonances exist and, at the same time, understanding what that generation wanted for us. I took two paths, on the one hand that the members of the Colectivo Nadie Olvida Nada would tell me about their childhood and lend me a photograph of them from that time; on the other hand, to resonate this search with the book La Guardería Montonera: La Vida en Cuba de Los Hijos de la Contraofensiva, by Analía Argento.

From this process, I took a photograph in the square where my parents took me in my first years of life, recording the photographs of the Collective’s childhoods. On the day of the exhibition, the night of March 23, 2015, I did a performance where I unrolled a 300 cm x 400 cm paper on the floor, and there I wrote: The Revolution was so that the lives of those children could be better. Then I gave a fibrón to each member of the Collective, who was writing her resonance. Each of them passed the fibrón to the rest of those present so that they could write there. This intervened materiality became an installation and continued to be present for the rest of the days that the exhibition lasted.




Museum of the City, Pergamino


March 2015


Natalia Tealdi y Paulo Scarlato