Thirst discourse

If we think of discourse as a repertoire of images that give meaning to doing, feeling and thinking about a topic, Thirst discourse would be those that contain the imagery that comes from the experiences of struggle, frustration and desire of women in the field of creation and art. Many times in these areas we are denied, silenced, devalued and placed in a space surrounded by mandates and duties, where we cannot develop as full subjects. If we know that drinking is an essential activity for life, when we speak of thirst we speak of lack, bias, the liminal terrain between life and death, between existence and absence. Thirst discourse manifest this record of struggle and that struggle to exist and free oneself in a fenced-in environment.

If the mandate does not allow creative being and doing, if existence is cut off, stereotyped action and repetitive circuit appear. If the public sphere and the intimate sphere of women have been regulated, constrained, controlled, they have had to resist or fall into the incessant repetition of living oppressed.

For the performance Thirst discourse I am barefoot, thirsty, with wet hair that falls on my wet body, hugging an aluminum pot that contains another aluminum pot filled with water. I start pouring water from one pot to the other. My desire to drink is born of my desire to do. As a sleepwalker, I repeat over and over the routine that allows me to get through the days. Like a trapped animal, I relapse into my movement score like a stereotype: I get wet, pour water, write water with water. But satiety does not appear. I name other women as if by remembering them I could get them out of the confinement and get myself out a little, until I name myself. My hand becomes a bowl to carry water and cleanse my face. I try to get the water to my mouth. I emit a sound poem while I put water in my mouth until I drink it completely or suffocate.

When the water is not enough to satisfy what does not correspond, what is denied, what is desired


XII International Festival of Art Action SOS TIERRA, Puesto 86 de arte. Mercado de San Juan. Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires, Argentina.


April 2017


Leandro Albani