Ceremony for community hunger

I kneel near those present and begin to remove corn kernels from my right shirt pocket. I place them on the floor and continue to scoop out corn to form a 150 centimeter line, as I move to her side.
I change direction and from the left pocket of my shirt I take out corn kernels with which I draw a new line parallel to the previous one, while moving in the center of both lines.

I stand before this landless field and begin to emit a sonorous poetry.

I open my shirt and from the center of my chest I take out a chicken egg with which to heal my feet and then break with my hands.

I bring my face close to the spilled egg on the floor and start blowing. The white and the yolk move through space.

I roll up my shirt and read the writing that I have in my arms: Before those who leave us hungry, wandering in a frozen solitude that leads us to death, union and community self-defense.

A ceremony about emptiness, about the abundance that is lost, about not having. A performance that enacts the poverty of a frozen harvest that is kept in very few pockets and produces a loneliness of hollow stomachs in the hungry of the world.


PerfoMapeo. Museo del Hambre. Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires.


July 2019


Fernando Pineda