Die, work, resist

Activation of a tour from the High Complexity Hospital El Cruce to the Arturo Jauretche National University, in the town of Florencia Varela, Province of Buenos Aires.
This tour was a walk that we took with my mother when my father was in intensive care for a terminal illness. Not only to distract ourselves, but also because we were always excited to know public universities and the possibilities they offer to people close to that territory.

The Arturo Jaureche National University is established in what used to be the building of the former laboratories of YPF (an Argentine energy company dedicated to the exploration, exploitation, distillation, distribution and production of electric energy, gas, oil and hydrocarbon derivatives) . Walking from an Argentine public health center to there is a reflection of the history of the struggles and the rights won and lost in our country, a symbolic journey that goes from health to education, from work to culture. At the same time, it is part of my own history and of many other Argentine families.

Die, work, resist
skin runs off
and life passes
under the oppression of capital.
Laughter and love fade
the body gets sick and the medicines
not enough.

Die, work, resist
walk together, with the magic of
imagining other worlds
without bosses, or officials
no cancer, no agrochemicals
filling with goodness and memories
each of our steps
while everything dies
trying to invent something
doing almost the impossible

Die, work, resist
time is running out and we have already given everything


Zas! Action art festival. Florencio Varela


October 2019


Fernando Pineda


Fernando Pineda