Exercise 57

I hold the lower limbs of a male mannequin in one hand, and a paper package in the other. I put the package down and try to locate the mannequin in space, but it cannot stand on its own. I support it on my own body. I open the package, it contains pumpkin puree. From a speaker tied to my forehead, sounds of hunger, nights and blows begin to be emitted.

I begin to cover the plastic body with puree, feeding each of its corners at the same time that I do not stop holding it. I cover myself and we both bond with the food that runs through us but does not feed us.

A daily practice, an exercise that is repeated, a woman as a subject of support accompanies, feeds and listens. How much is it possible to sustain? How much lack is it possible to bear to sustain others? What happens when that support is not reciprocated?
Nothing can be fully or eternally sustained. For something to hold, lack is necessary.


  • Performance Day IDENTIDAD/ES HOY – Espacio 24, San Fernando, Organized by CIPCAG /UNA, LAC/UNA, ÁREA DE GÉNEROS CENTRO CULTURAL BORGES, September 2017
  • VII Performance match 2017 Umbral Espacio de arte, August 2017
  • Departamento de Artes Visuales Prilidiano Pueyrredón UNA, August 2017


Leandro Albani