Private piety

I made this photo performance under the curatorship of Juan Carlos Romero and Hugo O. Masoero. The beginning of this process was to ask myself, why do we stay next to a violent person even though we know that we are at risk of life? Why was I in that situation for so long? I found that our decisions before these events are marked by great cultural matrices. One of them is piety. This cultural matrix is about the recognition and fulfillment of an other that must be cared for, it is the symbol of sacrifice for love. The woman disappears behind that body that she treasures as a merciful giver. Over and over again she takes pity on that other despite the marks she leaves on her. Private piety is a hole that is filled in intimacy, a domestic space where violence explodes.

To make this photoperformance I used a cactus that I had brought from a trip with my attacker. Sitting in a position of pity, I hold the cactus while the thorns dig into my skin. Hug trying to fill a void that is more painful than punctures.

Embracing a void in deep intimacy


Digital photography. 100 cm x 150 cm. Self-adhesive vinyl on black wooden frame.


  • IX Encuentro de performance Umbral espacio de arte. Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires. Agosto 2019

  • Escuela Popular de Formación en Género, UNNOBA, Pergamino. Septiembre 2015.

  • Arte, Representación y Memoria. UNNOBA. Pergamino. Noviembre 2013. Curaduría: Juan Carlos Romero y Hugo O. Masoero