The Revolution will be feminist

I cross the space with a thread and hang some cleaning cloths on it. I take a fibrón and write on my skin some of the labels with which I was nominated throughout my life. Then I offer the fibrón for someone to write about me. That person passes the fibrón to another and so my body is filling with marks. I read the written words out loud. I take off the kitchen rack that covers my breasts and begin to rub it over each of the words until they are erased. I place the grid on the floor and write on it: The Revolution will be feminist or it will not be. I hang it on the thread that resembles a rope to dry clothes and I take the kitchen towels from there.

Our existence in the world and the mapping of our bodies are traced by patriarchal mandates. These mandates not only dictate our actions but also separate our vital time into fragments governed by obligations governed under that system. Make it visible and unite in a collective and feminist struggle that revolutionizes our place in the world is the task.


  • Performance festival III Cuerpo y Espacio III Perfomania, organized by MADE / escena cultural. Espacio Tres Arroyos, Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires. October 2016.
  • Departamento de Artes Visuales Prilidiano Pueyrredón, Universidad Nacional de las Artes. Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires. August 2016


Julieta Anaut, Ignacio Laxalde, Lucrecia Gimenez y Leandro Albani