How many bodies go into one body

In this project I focus on the idea that the point of contact of two bodies forms a territory that is linked to a larger community fabric. These bodies can be human, but also animals, vegetables and minerals, because they are part of the same materiality that when they meet each other broadens the possibilities […]

We are not territory of conquest

Through our body-earth territory, knowledge and affective memories circulate that are linked and allow us to expand our desires in a communal way. We are not a territory of conquest invites us to awaken those memories and to recover those knowledge that is activated through art and encounter, and that establish identity. Summoning intimate spaces, […]

The Revolution was so that the lives of those children could be better

I did this project for the Colectivo Nadie Olvida Nada on the occasion of March 24, National Day of Memory for Truth and Justice. I was interested in thinking of ourselves as children of a generation of disappeared, knowing what memories and resonances exist and, at the same time, understanding what that generation wanted for […]

Private piety

I made this photo performance under the curatorship of Juan Carlos Romero and Hugo O. Masoero. The beginning of this process was to ask myself, why do we stay next to a violent person even though we know that we are at risk of life? Why was I in that situation for so long? I […]