I do believe you

Participatory and ritual performance, where I carry a string of garlic and a wrapper filled with mugwort, which are healing elements typical of the knowledge of this territory. With them I build a safe and circular space, I clean my body and I speak out to reaffirm myself in the world, and invite those present […]

I don’t want video calls

Videoperformance that uses a video calling application as a support, widely used during 2020, which allows group videoconferences over the Internet and record them. Direct shot from laptop camera. Color filming, with post-production and editing. To compose the audio, I mix sounds that come from my mouse and keyboard. In these months of quarantine, the […]

We are not territory of conquest

Through our body-earth territory, knowledge and affective memories circulate that are linked and allow us to expand our desires in a communal way. We are not a territory of conquest invites us to awaken those memories and to recover those knowledge that is activated through art and encounter, and that establish identity. Summoning intimate spaces, […]

The weight of the corridor

Visual / textual / sound installation where the entire room is wallpapered, covering walls, floor, two chairs, two benches and a table. The table occupies the center and the chairs and benches are to the sides. On each of the papers, in black ink, the number 84.1 is repeated almost obsessively. A blue light bathes […]

Flesh of my flesh

Digital video thought of in two layers of performative action that come together in post-production, with sonic poetics that mixes the sounds coming from the action and exploration with ukulele, which was edited and cut, the direction, the speed was changed, it was filtered and overlaid. As if in a reverie, I look for my […]


I stand behind a table and ask those present: How many of those who are menstruating, how do they live those days, how do they collect their blood? While we exchange experiences, I place on the table three scissors, three cloths in the shape of menstrual dressing and three cloths. Each of them has a […]


Motherboard was a collective and performative project that I did with Niny Gamboa, Lolo Villacis and Julieta Anaut. The name Motherboard refers, on the one hand, to the card that gathers all those printed circuits that allow interconnecting the various elements that make up a computer and that is a fundamental and necessary organ for […]


Digital video art. Color filming. Fixed camera with layered post-production and editing. Sound poetics made up of body sounds and stereo editing process. To be played / projected in a loop. Fragile: From lat. fragĭlis. 1. adj. Brittle, it breaks down easily. 2. adj. Weak, which can easily deteriorate. 3. adj. Said of a person: […]

Exercise 57

I hold the lower limbs of a male mannequin in one hand, and a paper package in the other. I put the package down and try to locate the mannequin in space, but it cannot stand on its own. I support it on my own body. I open the package, it contains pumpkin puree. From […]

Thirst discourse

If we think of discourse as a repertoire of images that give meaning to doing, feeling and thinking about a topic, Thirst discourse would be those that contain the imagery that comes from the experiences of struggle, frustration and desire of women in the field of creation and art. Many times in these areas we […]